Low-Cost, Wide Range Power Analyzer

Model 2105

Low-Cost, Wide Range Power Analyzer
2105 Low-Cost, Wide Range Power Analyzer
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  • Up to 20 Amps/phase direct (self contained shunt 0.1%)
  • Expandable to 1000 amps (optional,see I-1000 C.T.)
  • True Power Measurements, VIcos Ø
  • High Accuracy Measurement: 0.15% DC to 5KHz
  • Bandwidth~ DC, 40 Hz to 50 KHz
  • Zero to Unity Power Factor Response
  • Accurate Regardless of Waveform Distortion
  • Certificate of N.I.S.T. traceabilty included at no extra charge


  • I-1000: 1000A Current Clamp
  • I-150:  150A Current Clamp
  • X-21: Load Extension Cord
  • R-4:  19″ Rack Mount Adapter

Excellent Value Bench-Top Power Analyzer

The Model 2105 provides a fast and convenient method of determining product efficiency, power factor, and true RMS current draw.

Featuring dual, independent digital displays, the 2105’s left display provides a continuous indication of true power in watts, while the right display is switch selectable between amperes (true RMS) and volts (true RMS).

Low cost, wide ranges

The 2105 features twin high-resolution 4 1/2 digital displays, DC to 50 kHz frequency response, true power measurement, true RMS voltage and current and built-in peak overload indicators. The 2105 offers 600, 300, 150 and 30 volt ranges and 20, 2 ans 200m amp ranges.

Accurate power measurements in difficult applications

Switching mode power supplies, SCR controlled circuits and pulsed DC devices are just a few
of the applications requiring the true power measurement capability of the Valhalla 2105 Power Analyzer.  This benchtop single-phase Wide Range Digital Power Analyzer is fully loaded with measurement features you’d expect on instruments costing three times the price. The Valhalla 2105 power meter is also a great measurement instrument for college and university motor test laboratories.