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  • 4176 Precision Micro-Ohmmeter

    Best-selling Valhalla 4176 ohmmeter measures transformers, coils, and shunts the competition can’t.  The 4176 provides ultra-stable low-resistance measurements.
    • 7 Ranges from 20mΩ to 20kΩ
    • 1µΩ Resolution
    • Auto Ranging Mode
    • VFD Display with Adjustable Intensity
    • Four Terminal Kelvin Connections
    • RS-232 Interface Standard
    • Automatic Temperature Compensation
    • Internal HI-LO Comparator
    • Run/Hold and Peak Detector
    • Print/Log Function
  • 4300C Programmable Micro-Ohmmeter

    The 4300C is the perfect instrument for tackling ultra-low resistance testing requirements associated with motors, transformers, fuses, connectors, breakers, bonding/weld resistance, and many other applications.   The 4300C Digital Micro-Ohmmeter measures a variety of low-resistance devices ranging in value from 100nΩ to 20kΩ. The flexible measurement format of the 4300C provides six ranges of user selectable test current (from .1mA to 10A) and three voltage sensitivity settings (20mV, 200mV, and 2V).
    • Test Current to 10 Amps
    • High Compliance Voltage
    • Temperature Compensation Mode (TCM)
    • On/Off Control of Test Current
    • 4-Wire Kelvin
    • Measurement Ranges from 2mΩ to 30kΩ
    • 3 Selectable Pre-Amp Ranges
    • 6 Selectable Test Current Ranges
    • VFD Display w/Adjustable Intensity
    • Hi-LO Resistance Limit Comparator