2701C Precision Programmable DC Voltage Calibrator

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Designed for critical calibration lab requirements, this 4th generation contemporary 2701C design is lightweight, rugged, and at home on the production line or the engineer’s workstation.

  • 15-Second Warmup
  • “Cover-on” Automatic Calibration
  • 100% Overrange
  • Automatic Bi-polar Output
  • Built-in Kilovolt Amplifier
  • One Touch Local and Remote Sensing
  • 200mV Full Scale Divided Output Range
  • All Outputs available through Two Terminals
  • Basic Accuracy Specified ± 5°C from Cal Temp
  • 25mA Current Sourcing All Active Range
  • Micro-processor Enhanced Reliability
  • 5 Voltage Ranges (200mV through 1200V)
  • Front and Rear Terminals
  • Illuminated High Voltage Warning
  • 0.5 PPM Resolution


Range Accuracy

PPM of Setting ± RNG Noise



0.1 to 10Hz

24-Hr Stability Temp. Coefficient Output Settling Time



From Factory @ One Year PPM of Setting + V/1° C 0.5s 1s 10s
200mV ± 20 ppm ± 1µV ± 30 ppm ± 2µV 1µV 1µV 2.5 ppm + 0.1 20 ppm 5 ppm 1 ppm
2V ± 15 ppm ± 4µV ± 25 ppm ± 6µV 2µV ± 0.5 ppm ± 2µV 1.5 ppm + 0.6 20 ppm 5 ppm 1 ppm
20V ± 13 ppm ± 13µV ± 22 ppm ± 50µV 15µV ± 0.5 ppm ± 10µV 1.5 ppm + 6 20 ppm 5 ppm 1 ppm
120V ± 14 ppm ± 250µV ± 23 ppm ± 400µV 150µV ± 0.5 ppm ± 100µV 1.5 ppm + 30 30 ppm 7 ppm 2 ppm
1200V ± 15 ppm ± 2.5mV ± 24 ppm ± 4V 1.5mV ± 0.5 ppm ± 1mV 1.5 ppm + 300 50 ppm 10 ppm 5 ppm
Range Resolution Max Current Wideband Noise Linearity Output Impedance
200mV 100nV 25µVRMS ± 0.5µV 450Ω
2V 1µV 25mA 80µVRMS ± 1µV ± 4ppm/sett < 1mΩ
20V 10µV 25mA 130µVRMS ± 10µV ± 4ppm/sett < 5mΩ
120V 100µV 25mA 500µVRMS ± 100µV < 50mΩ
1200V 1mV 25mA 800µVRMS ± 1mV < 500mΩ
General Specifications
Warm-Up Time 15 Sec to within 15ppm/30 min to rated specs
Power Requirements 115VAC/230VAC ±10% at 45 to 60Hz at 80VA
Operating Temp. Range 0°C to 50°C
Storage Temp Range -30°C to 70°C
Humidity 70% RH max @ 40°C (non-condensing)
Physicial Specifications
Width|Depth|Height 17” / 43cm | 17” / 43cm | 3.5” / 9cm
Weight 24lbs / 11kg net;
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Innovation In Attenuation

The digital attenuator is the design key to long term stability, reliability and interfaceability. Because the crystal controlled attenuator is digital, it can’t drift like the conventional Kelvin Varley divider approach. Also, the switch contact resistance no longer becomes a maintenance headache as it is removed from the accuracy determining circuit.

Ultra-Low Noise 2701LC Version Available

For applications such as analog to digital converter testing, where low noise output is extremely desirable, option “LNF” provides this enhancement to the Valhalla 2701C. Deleting the kilovolt amplifier provides a major improvement in low noise performance. Additionally, by substituting a toroidal transformer stage with 40VDC maximum output, a significant noise reduction is attained while maintaining a low-level safe output.

0.1 Micro Volt to 1.2KV Direct Output-Standard

The 2701C has a built-in kilovolt amplifier that delivers up to 1200.000 volts with a full 25mA drive current capability. The 2701C is also short-circuited damage-proof on all ranges and features a 200mV divided output range with 100 nanovolts resolution.

System Capability

Designed from the ground up for systems ineffaceability, the 2701C offers unmatched user convenience for system installation. To start with, all output stimuli are available from two terminals on the front and rear panels, so once you’ve plugged in there’s no fumbling around to get to the separate divider or high voltage connector. Also, if remote sensing is required a touch of a button engages the 4-wire output mode. The optional microprocessor-controlled GPIB IEEE-488 talk/listen to interface, “TL-3”, is extremely user-friendly, and provides a six-channel relay driver port for remote range selection on the 2500EP AC-DC Current Calibrator.