Precision Electronic Test & Measurement Instruments at Valhalla Scientific

Valhalla Scientific is renowned for its advanced precision electronic test instruments. Serving clients of all sizes, from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations, we offer some of the most state-of-the-art electrical measuring instruments in the industry. Browse our catalog for the latest ohmmeters, watt meters, igniter testers, calibrators, and related accessories to maximize your testing applications and ensure accurate, valuable results every time.

Our Calibration Equipment for Sale includes:

  • Valhalla Scientific Model 2555A – 100-Amp Current Calibrator and AC/DC Transconductance Amplifier: Maximum output current of 100A DC or RMS DC, and high accuracy with low noise and latency.
  • Valhalla Scientific Model 2701C – High-Performance Precision DC Voltage Standard: Automatic calibration, 200 mV full scale divided output range, and built-in kilovolt amplifier. Also has five voltage ranges (200 mV through 1,200 V).
  • Valhalla Scientific Model 2575A – Precision AC/DC Active Current Shunt: Current measurement up to 100 A, with six independent switch-selectable current ranges and fan-cooled shunts, enabling thermal stability.

Along with the calibrator equipment, you can also order accessories for you current calibrator, such as rack-mount adapters, cables, and turn coils.

The Premier Source for Metering Systems

Valhalla Scientific offers the latest ohmmeter models, including the Model 4176, from 1 mΩ to 30,000 kΩ, and the Model 4300C that capable of outputting a test current of 10 amps. If it’s watt meters for sale you need, we have plenty to choose from, including a wide range voltage analyzer (30 to 600 V, and expandable to 1,000 A), a spectrum power analyzer (up to 1,000 V input), a single to six-phase power analyzer, and an energy analyzer data logger capable of 100 measurements per second.

Igniter testers are available in various models and configurations. The Model 4314 Series ultra-safe portable igniter testers enable engineers and technicians to test, repair, and calibrate explosive circuits and devices. Battery-powered, each unit delivers high-resolution measurements. Resistance can be measured over multiple ranges in any industry, in any environment.

Need a hipot tester (measuring insulation or dielectric strength), or even a body composition tester? Valhalla offers the BodyCompScale G6 Series, displaying body weight, fat, and BMI within seconds.

View detailed specifications for each product on our website, along with manuals, data sheets, and information on product applications. To request a quote, use our online contact form or call toll-free at (800) 548-9806. If certain about what matches your requirements, purchase a wattmeter, calibrator, power analyzer, or other electrical measuring instruments with our secure shopping cart today!