Precision Electronic Test and Measurement Instruments

At Valhalla Scientific, we engineer and sell state-of-the-art electrical measuring instruments to clients ranging from small businesses to the largest Fortune 500 corporations.

Featured Calibration Instruments

Valhalla Scientific Model 2701C

High-Performance Precision DC Voltage Standard: Automatic calibration, 200 mV full scale divided output range, and built-in kilovolt amplifier with five voltage ranges (200 mV -1,200 V).

Valhalla Scientific Model 2555A

100-Amp Current Calibrator and AC/DC Transconductance Amplifier: Maximum output current of 100A DC or RMS DC, and high accuracy with low noise and latency.

Valhalla Scientific Model 2575A

Precision AC/DC Active Current Shunt: Current measurement up to 100 A, with six independent switch-selectable current ranges and fan-cooled shunts, enabling thermal stability.