4314-Ki Wide-Range, Ultra-Safe Digital Igniter Tester


Covering a wide 8-measurement range, the 4314-Ki is an ideal fit for the aerospace, defense, renewable energy, and manufacturing industries.  The 4314-Ki alone replaces multiple instruments while providing clearer, more useful data for applications involving squib circuits, fuses, release mechanisms, thrust vector motor control, deployment systems, pyrotechnic initiators, primers, and generic circuit continuity testing.

Featuring the intrinsically-safe internal circuitry of our storied 4314 igniter tester line, the 4314Ki begins the next generation of precision measurement instruments.

  • Certified Mil Std 810 - Method 511
  • Safe for Explosive & Volatile Atmospheres
  • Complies to EWR 127-1, Section
  • Reduced Current (8mA Max)
  • Wide-Range 2-20MΩ
  • 0.1mΩ Resolution
  • Rechargeable Battery-Operated NiMH 10AH
  • Safe 24/7 Continuous Power Mode with Key Switch
  • Fully Controllable Via Serial Interface
  • Certificate of NIST Traceability

Range Specifications

Rng # Range Resolution Test Current Failsafe Current Accuracy
1 100µΩ 5mA 8mA ± 0.03% of reading ± 0.02% of range
2 20Ω 1mΩ 5mA 8mA ± 0.03% of reading ± 0.02% of range
3 200Ω 10mΩ 500μA 1.8mA ± 0.03% of reading ± 0.02% of range
4 2kΩ 100mΩ 50μA 180μA ± 0.03% of reading ± 0.02% of range
5 20kΩ 5μA 18μA ± 0.03% of reading ± 0.02% of range
6 200kΩ 10Ω 500nA 1.8μA ± 0.05% of reading ± 0.05% of range
7 2MΩ 100Ω 50nA 180nA ± 1% of reading ± 0.2% of range
8 20MΩ 1kΩ 5nA 18nA ± 2% of reading ± 0.2% of range

Technical Specifications

Weight 6.2 lbs
Dimensions 11.5 × 9.75 × 3.5 in
Display Type 4 1/2 Digits OLED
Overload Indication O.L.
Conversion Rate 3 Readings/Second
Terminal Configuration 4-Wire Kelvin
Battery Charger 6VDC at 1.25A nominal
Current Source Compliance Clamped at 1.6V
Operating Temperature Range 0°C to 50°C
Power Requirements “D” Cell Battery Pack 4.8V Rechargeable NiMH Batteries 10000mAh
Storage Temperature Range -10°C to 70°C
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4314 Ki Features Video

18-Hour Battery Life

Powered by  “D” Cell rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack – Up to 18 hours per charge.

Certified Mil Std 810 – Method 511

The 4314ki can be operated wherever your application demands, thanks to its robust manufacturing and design that have been certified Mil Std 810 – Method 511 – safe for volatile and explosive atmospheres.

Remote Control

Fully controllable via isolated serial interface RS-232 port on rear.

High Durability

With its Impact-resistant aluminum case, compliant to (EWR) 127-1, Section, the 4314ki is designed to excel in laboratory and real-world conditions.

Wide Range

With selectable test ranges spanning 2Ω – 20MΩ, the 4314ki is engineered for precision and accuracy across them all.

Dual Power Mode

With optional dual power mode, the 4314ki can be powered by battery or continuous power.

As in the past, safety and reliability have been the fundamental focus throughout the conception, prototyping, and testing process. Externally, the unit is housed in a durable, impact-resistant aluminum case built for both laboratory and field use. Internally, the 4314Ki incorporates our redundant fail-safe, current-limiting network circuitry ensuring the instrument test currents cannot exceed the specified amount, even in the unlikely event of a worst-case component failure.

Additionally, the 4314Ki introduces a variety of new features including Dual Power Mode and an Isolated Serial Interface. Dual Power Mode offers the operator either 18 hours of battery life or a 24/7 continuous power mode with the ability to change via a key switch on the rear of the unit. The key switch also acts as an additional safety feature, preventing non-authorized users from changing modes.

The isolated serial interface allows for remote control of the unit through an RS-232 port on the back panel. Digital signals are transmitted across the isolation barrier using iCoupler technology. Via the interface, the user can fully operate the meter and query measurement and configuration data.

Certificate of Calibration Included

An NIST-traceable Z540.3 certificate of calibration is included with every instrument order.  Furthermore, enhanced ISO/IEC 17025 certification is available.

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Instrument Options

For additional security, the dual power key switch may be removed

For additional security, the dual power key switch may be removed

17025 Certification is performed on our behalf by a third party. Please contact us for additional information

17025 Certification is performed on our behalf by a third party. Please contact us for additional information
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