2400 Series Wideband Spectrum Power Analyzer


High-performance precision in both single and three-phases: a wattmeter, oscilloscope, and power spectrum analyzer in one. The 2400 power analyzer measures, computes and displays critical power variables so you can concentrate on more efficient & reliable testing.  The 2400 Series provides simultaneous, precise voltage and current measurements while monitoring and displaying the power parameters you need in the format that best fits your application.


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2400 Options

RS-232 Interface and Centronics printer output including Windows™ software to control, read, and store data

RS-232- and IEEE-488 Interface, Centronics printer output including Windows™ software to control, read, and store data

RS-232- and IEEE-488 Interface, Centronics printer output, and 4 analog outputs, 8 analog inputs including Windows™ software to control, read, and store data, read analog inputs

RS-232 and IEEE-488 Interface, Centronics printer output 4 analog outputs with provision to also output total power, 8 analog inputs including Windows™ software to control, read, and store data, read analog inputs

1-Phase current sensor model 0-100A (supply by 2400)

3-Phase current sensor model 0-100A (supply by 2400)

2400 Series LabView driver

2400 Series LabView-based standalone Software

TTL input for external synchronization

Network for artificial neutral

0-300A, 0-3000A flexible current clamp (1 per Phase)

17025 Certification

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Precision Measurements for Any Waveform

Wattmeter, oscilloscope, and power spectrum analyzer

Extraordinary Features

  • The analyzer inputs are all galvanically isolated.
  • Broad band DC-300kHz.
  • Wide input range (0.3V – 1000V, 15mA – 40A).
  • Exceptional common mode rejection for use in frequency inverter driven systems.
  • The accuracy is 0.1% (0.05% versions are available).
  • The bright LCD monitor displays up to 10 measured values in well legible 9mm high numbers.
  • The Three-Phase Power Analyzer puts up to 32 measured values on the screen.

6 Configurations Available

1-Phase 1-Phase 1-Phase 3-Phase 3-Phase 3-Phase
No Harmonics Harmonics Analysis Harmonics Analysis No Harmonics Harmonics Analysis Harmonics Analysis
0.1% Accuracy 0.1% Accuracy 0.05% Accuracy 0.1% Accuracy 0.1% Accuracy 0.05% Accuracy
$5295 $5495 $5995 $7995 $8995 $9995
2410-1S 2410-1HS 2410-1HE 2430-3S 2430-3HS 2430-3HE

Calculated Values

  • RMS
  • RM
  • Peak
  • Harmonics
  • Frequency
  • Harmonic Distortion
  • Crest Factor
  • Form Factor
  • Oscilloscope Display
  • Watt-Hours
  • VA-Hours
  • Amp-Hours
  • Watts
  • VA
  • VAR
  • Power Factor

Variable Display

You have the choice to visualize wave forms, bar graphs or trend plots. A unique feature of these instruments allows a combination of meter mode and graphic modes.

Simple to Use

Checking power to determine the pertinent power parameters of a frequency inverter driven system is simple. All values display large letters easily read even in dark rooms. The user menu makes operation easy.

Export and Share Measurement Data

Send to PC

Send to Printer

Chart Recorder

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Voltage 8 ranges: 0.3 V, 1 V, 3 V, 10 V, 30 V, 100 V, 300 V, 1000 V
Frequency range DC, 0.1 Hz – 1 MHz
Crest Factor 3:1 at 50 % full scale (fs)
Input Impedance 1 MOhm
Common Mode 50 Hz/100 kHz 160 dB/100 dB
Standard accuracy 23°C; rms, mean, rectified mean; 0.3V typical

1 Hz-1 kHz                           ±(0.1 % rdg +0.1 % range)
DC, 1 kHz-10 kHz                     ±(0.2 % rdg +0.2 % range)
10 kHz-100 kHz                       ±(0.3 %/ range + 0.04 % /kHz rdg)
100 kHz-300 kHz                      ±(0.3 %/  range + 0.04 % /kHz rdg), typical

Improved accuracy
±(0.05 % rdg + 0.07 % range)
Current 13 ranges: 1.5 mA, 5 mA, 15 mA, 50 mA, 150 mA, 500 mA, 1.5 A, 5 A; 1, 3, 10, 30, 100 A Max. 1 A, 5 A, 30 A, resp.
Frequency range DC, 0.1 Hz-300 kHz / 1 MHz
Crest Factor 3:1 at 50 % full scale (fs)
Common Mode 50 Hz/100 kHz 160 dB/120 dB
Standard accuracy 23°C; 1 A-, 5 A-, shunt input               30 A input
1 Hz-1 kHz                ±(0.1 % rdg + 0.1 % rng)                  ±(0.1 % rdg + 0.1 % rng)DC, 1 kHz-10 kHz     ±(0.2 % rdg + 0.2 % rng)                  ±(0.7 % rdg + 0.2 % rng)10 kHz-100 kHz        ±(0.3 % range + 0.04 %/kHz rdg)     ±(0.3 % rng + 0.5 %/kHz rdg), typ100 kHz-300 kHz      ±(0.3 % range + 0.04 %/kHz rdg), typical
Lowest ranges 1.5 mA, 15 mA,
1 A: typical.
Improved accuracy 1Hz-400 Hz
±(0.05 % rdg + 0.07 % range)


104 ranges corresponding to the products V x A.
Frequency range DC, 0.1 Hz-300 kHz
45 Hz-65 Hz
1 Hz-1 kHz
DC, 1 kHz-10 kHz 10 kHz-100 kHz(0.1 % rdg + 0.01 % range)
Add accuracy percentage figures of current and voltage,
+0.04 %/kHz PF
PF= 0 to ±0.1 PF= 0 to ±1 PF= 0 to ±1 PF=1
Frequency 0.1 Hz-400 kHz, V triggered; Accuracy ±0.1 %.
Computed Values Accuracy; Reactive Power, Var=±(VA2-W2)1/2, Apparent Power: VA=Arms Vrms; Power Factor: PF=W/VA; Crest Factor: CF=Ap/Arms, Vp/Vrms: Form Factor: FF=At/Arms, Vt/Vrms; Impedance: Z=Vrms/Arms; Total Harm Dist: THD=(Irms2- Ifund2)1/2/Irms



Add accuracy percentage figures of values involved in computation.
Integrator Energy, Charge; Accuracy Wh, Vah, Varh, Ah; Basic accuracy of integrated quantity.
Harmonic Analysis Frequency range of fundamental            2.5 Hz-100 kHz
Range of harmonic 1-99
Accuracy, Harmonic current and voltage
2 Hz-1 kHz              ±(0.1 % rdg + 0.1 % range) 1 kHz-10 kHz          ±(0.5 % rdg + 0.5 % range)
10 kHz.-100 kHz     ±(0.7 % range + 0.1 %/kHz rdg), typical
Display Blue liquid crystal graphic display with FL backlight               64×120 mm;  128 x 240 pixels



Power AC, 50-400 Hz; Fuse: Power



85 V-240 V; 2 A, 15 VA
Dieletric Strength Inputs to case or power supply Line input to case
Input to Input
2.5 kV/50 Hz/1 minute
1.5 kV/50 Hz/ 1 minute 4 kV/50 Hz/1 minute
Dimension H x W x D; Weight 150 x 235 x 320 mm; 4 kg
Options IEEE-488-2, RS232, Centronics printer output
4 programmable analog outputs; single-, sum-, or average values 4 analog inputs 0-±5V, input impedance 200 kΩ
4 analog inputs, 0-±10 V, input impedance 200 kΩ Rack Mounting Kit
Windows Operating Software 95, 98, 2000, NT, XP; transformer-motor testing
0-±5 V, accuracy 0.2 % 0-±5 V, accuracy 0.2 % 0-±10 V accuracy 0.2 %
1.5mA-1A Inp/ Shunt Input 1 A input Hi against ILo Shunt Hi                   Shunt Lo 1 A input,    mA:     1.5, 5, 15, 50, 150, 500, 1500
Shunt input, mV:    60, 60Ö10, 600, 600VÖ10, 6000, 6000Ö10
Input impedance:   60k
1 A input: set scaling to 0.1 Shunt input: 60 mV corresponds to 1.0000 A


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