2800 Series Multiphase Power Analyzer

2800 Series Multiphase Power Analyzer

Model 2800 Type
  • Available as 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-phase instrument
  • Highest precision available: 0.02% reading + 0.02% range
  • 18 bit resolution. High accuracy at 10% full scale
  • Wide angle, touch-screen TFT color display (800 x 480 pixels)
  • Simple to operate, most settings in 2 steps (2 touches)
  • Standard-, logging-, Transient-, Power-Speed measure functions
  • Very fast data transfer; up to 3400 values per second
  • High DC precision for solar applications
  • 4 current inputs: 1mA-1A, 15mA- 5A, 1A- 50A, Shunt
  • Voltage Ranges: 0.3V to 1000V
  • Interfaces: Ethernet, RS-232 I USB, IEEE-488, Process
  • Interface commands for fast data transmission
  • Operating software under Windows
  • Reasonably priced by virtue of smart design
  • Simple servicing, modular concept, pre-calibrated inputs
  • Optional high precision, broadband, current sensors
  • Optional 30A coaxial shunt (current viewing resistors)
  • 1G Byte Memory for storing measurement data
  • 6 analog inputs and 2 frequency inputs, 12 analog outputs

Universal High-Precision Power Analyzer Measures 280 Electrical Quantities on Every Phase

Energies, harmonics, motor and transformer values, power sums, power rations, and processes can be displayed at any time.

High-Performance, Simple to Use

The Valhalla Scientific 2800 High-Precision Power Analyzer is available in 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, or 6-phase versions.  All voltage inputs 0.3V up to 1500V peak and all current inputs 1.5mA up to 1A; 15mA up to 5A; 1A up to 40A; and shunt inputs 60mV up to 6V are potentially free and exhibit low noise, high common mode suppression, excellent DC-stability, wide frequency range (DC-2MHz) and very low self-heating on current inputs.

There is no need to fiddle with DC-compensation, or changing current plugging.  All is built into the input sections of the power analyzer, ready for measurements.  It is simple to use, your intuition will guide you to operate the Power Analyzer touch screen correctly.

Almost all settings changes are accomplished with two touches of the display screen or two clicks with the wireless mouse.

4 Measurement Functions

Standard Measure Mode

In the Standard Measure Mode 280 quantities per phase are measured without gaps and are continuously updated. Values can be displayed on four display pages, can be saved in internal memory, or can be transferred via the interface to a computer. The display shows voltage, current, and power waveforms. Harmonics and bar graphs can be viewed on 5 pages. Two electric motors can be tested simultaneously. External Speed and torque inputs are optionally available. Transformer values are implemented too.

Logging Measure Mode

This measurement mode is suitable for very fast measurements or for long time averaging of data. It is possible obtaining 6 datasets of a 6-phase instrument within 20ms or 6 datasets per 10 minutes. From every phase you obtain 8 values: frequency, rms current, rms voltage, power, power factor, apparent power, energy Wh, and apparent energy VAh.

Transient Measure Mode

You can catch current-, voltage-, and power waveforms in a start-up on transient mode up to 6 phases simultaneously or you can view all the waveforms at a critical operating point. Sections of the waveforms can be expanded by simply touching one of the 4 “Zoom Sectors”.

Power-Speed Measure Mode

This measurement mode analyzes the performance of devices such as electric cars.  In 20ms intervals the following data are stored in internal memory: RMS current, RMS voltage, power, apparent power, energy, apparent energy, and RPM of a shaft.  At end of measurement (maximum 11 seconds) data versus time are displayed.

Technical Specifications